Happy birthday to Destructoid and Niero!

[Update: Uploaded a newer version of the video that is in sync now! YAY!] 

[Update 2: Bumped up both Niero’s post and this video back up to the top. They got buried fast, heh.] 

First off, everyone from the team wishes you a happy birthday Niero. And congratulations, we’ve been here two years now. Crazy, right?

Last year, I had the idea of asking the team to write up some sort of thank you/ birthday wishes thing. This year, I thought of taking things up a level and asked everyone to do a video thank you this time. The result of which is the 37 minute video above. Big thanks to Dan “Husky Hog” Lingen for putting all of the videos together and big thanks to Bleep for making the absolutely amazing credits at the very end.

I’ve asked certain community members to make their own little birthday presents and starting Sunday afternoon, you will be seeing the results of that. From crazy videos, to fantastic drawings and even music, Sunday is going to be full of win. Until then, check out the video above and drop a comment or go make a C-Blog with your own birthday-anniversary wishes.  

Hamza Aziz