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The Eyeball Game

I got a 12.20 on my first try. I think this is an interesting test because as gamers we are always acutely training our eyes and minds to work in a virtual world, whether a 3d simulation or a 2d expanse. How did you do?


Rev's Rant - RESPONSE

I recently watched Rev Anthony's Rant about indy game developers not receiving due payment when high quality games are created and released to the public. Is there a way smaller developers could be paid for hard work? I think the answer is...


Video Games: A History Lesson

Video Games Believed to have been invented in... 1972, the year Pong and the Magnavox Odyssey came out. Actually Invented in... 1948, when Thomas Goldsmith Jr., a professor of physics at Furman University, patented his horrendously badl...


Peggle Party!

Just finished a fun game of Peggle Party with fellow Dtoiders KyleGamgee, Mxyzptlk and Naia-The-Gamer and boy howdy was it ever a RIOT! I hit some pegs, scored some points and had a barrel of laughs, and that was only the first game! Any...



I would like your advice on something, if I had to choose one over the other, which game should I get: Left 4 Dead -or- SKATE II -or- StreetFight IV Just so you know I'm a big FPS fan and am loving Fallout3 (120hrs so far), Played the crap...


Animated Gif is just like LIFE

This is really a metaphor for life.... Sometimes you might feel like a pixelated square jumping from log to log..... Fish under the water might temp you, distract you, causing you to fall off that log of life. But you've got three live...


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