Halo Wars site closing, leaderboards getting killed

Halo Wars‘ official website is getting closed down and its online stats are being killed off. The game’s forums and leaderboards are being migrated over to the Halo Waypoint hub on December 15, where normal (albeit reset) service will resume. 

Microsoft admits that losing the leaderboards will be “rough” on some gamers, but has promised an exclusive forum avatar to any gamers migrating to the Waypoint site. Hardly seems like a fair trade, but there you go. 

In addition, a title update is coming to game soon, which will fix Theater issues and remove a load of code pointing to the old Halo Wars site. 

For some reason, I’m totally fine with all evidence of Halo Wars progress being removed from face of the planet. I can’t figure out why, though. 

Microsoft closing Halo Wars website [Eurogamer]

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