Halo: The Master Chief Collection news teased for Inside Xbox

Pull out your bingo cards

With rumors swirling about Halo: The Master Chief Collection releasing on PC, it’s hard not to wonder what Microsoft has lined up for next week’s Inside Xbox. The new episode will begin at 2:00pm Pacific on Tuesday, March 12 with news and interviews and hopefully a snappier pace than recent presentations. You can catch it live on YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer, or just follow our coverage.

For its part, Microsoft is promising to bring updates on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, DayZ, One Piece World Seeker, and Game Pass, among others. Whether the PC port news shows up in this episode of Inside Xbox or at a later date, either way, it sure feels inevitable. It’s such a long time coming.

Beyond that one specific piece of speculation, there’s a lot of other talk going around. Multiple double-take-worthy Nintendo rumors have surfaced in recent weeks, and now we’re hearing more details about a disc-less, digital-only Xbox One S that might release later this spring. Strange days.

I feel like Microsoft still has considerable room to grow with Inside Xbox and the format hasn’t quite found its footing (especially compared to Nintendo Direct streams), but you can tell they’re trying. Part of it just boils down to the caliber of announcements, and while Microsoft is out there making smart moves, we haven’t seen the full extent of its further-out initiatives yet. That’ll take more time.

The company made questionable decisions earlier this console cycle, but it’s on the upswing.

Jordan Devore
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