Halo: The Master Chief Collection might not have a release date yet, but you can sign up for Halo Insider now

We’ll get more info soon enough

If you don’t feel like waiting when it comes to Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s PC port, developer 343 Industries is reminding folks that the Halo Insider Program (read: a community-like springboard for all things Halo) will allow for some extra PC port news and even “early access play sessions.”

If you sign up and are accepted you’ll have a chance to play early and provide feedback that could shape the future of the compilation. As a reminder, 343 has already confirmed that they’re going to slowly release the contents of the collection over time rather than throw one big release to the wolves.

I dig this cautious “Kickstarter” game-by-game style roll out that 343 is going with for the PC port of Master Chief Collection. You’d hate to release a PC game of all things and get completely roasted to the point where your reputation is in shambles. A slow cadence will also help cut down the wait for Halo Infinite and allow each individual game to shine for a bit.

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