Halo: Reach owners getting unreadable discs (again!)

Following on from yesterday’s co-op problems, a number of Xbox 360 users are now complaining that they’re getting disc-read-errors when attempting to play Halo: Reach. Oh dear. 

This is actually quite a nostalgic issue, as Halo 3: ODST suffered from the exact same issue, and Halo 3 was pretty famous for scratched or otherwise completely unreadable copies. What is Bungie doing to these games that are causing so many of them to screw up? Are they making cats lick the discs? That’s the only reasonable thing I can think of. 

Microsoft has stated that it is aware of the problem and that it’s working on a solution. Of course, since this is the third Halo game to have a problem, you’d think the publisher would be pretty adept at fixing it by now!

Halo Reach discs unreadable, MS working on fix [CVG]

James Stephanie Sterling