Halo: Reach live-action short premieres tomorrow

While an official Hollywood adaptation of Halo might be stranded in limbo, fans keep getting live-action teasers thanks to Microsoft marketing’s deep pockets. The live-action “Birth of a Spartan” is the latest, an ad created to promote the upcoming Halo: Reach, and will premiere tomorrow on a number of television networks, as well as online.

The 60-second short focuses on Carter 259, a Spartan and future leader of the “Nobel Team” at the center of Halo: Reach. It will detail the bio-augmentation procedure that a Spartan candidate endures before being sent out onto the field. The short was handled by Noam Murro who directed 2008’s Smart People, which starred Sara Jessica Parker as a doctor who falls for her former college professor, played by Dennis Quaid. (This was also the rumored plot, ironically, of the canceled Halo MMO*.)

“Birth of a Spartan” can also be seen tomorrow night at 9 p.m. PDT at https://www.welcometonobleteam.com, which currently is just a teaser that reads “Augmentation Begins on April 28.” You’ll also be able to upload a photo of yourself, and the site will automagically turn you into a Spartan III.

An extended two-minute and thirty-second version of the short will hit Xbox LIVE, exclusively for Gold members on Wednesday.

* This is lie.

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