Halo. Mobile. Lawsuit.

According to a report over at gameindustry.biz, French developer In-Fusio is alleging that Microsoft are seeking to terminate a $2 Million mobile phone deal. The game in question? Halo.

Last September, Microsoft and In-Fusio announced a partnership that would bring content from the Halo universe to mobile phones. Specifically mentioned were wallpapers, ring tones, and other mobile applications. In-Fusio had hinted at a mobile phone Halo game, but nothing was officially announced. The lawsuit alleges that the content was a “prelude” to a full-on mobile game, but Microsoft wasn’t quite as cooperative as In-Fusio would have liked.

In-Fusio claims Microsoft has refused to approve its game designs, leading the mobile developer to withhold the second of four US $500,000 (EUR 376,000) payments. Microsoft is citing this lack of payment as justification for ending the agreement.

“Indeed, in the last 11 months, Microsoft has approved no fully developed In-Fusio game designs; ignoring and then refusing to accept In-Fusio’s game design concepts with little or no explanation and leaving In-Fusio little basis to revise its concepts to obtain Microsoft’s approval.”

We’re talking about the mobile phone developer who created the classics Rambo On Fire, Neopets Mobile, and who can forget The Munsters Pinball? What gives, Microsoft?

My guess is someone came to their senses and realized that this was the worst idea in the history of bad ideas. If I were in line at the grocery store and the person in front of me had their phone ring to the tune of the Halo theme, I would definitely punch them in the face. No question. As for mobile games, nothing trumps Tetris, and you might as well throw your hard earned cash into a fire pit than buy anything else.

It’ll be interesting to see how this legal battle plays out, but as long we don’t need to control Master Chief with the “2,4,6,8” keys in the near future, we’re all winners.

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