Halo Infinite campaign co-op testing will start in July

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You could help test the long-awaited online campaign co-op

Halo fans who have been waiting for Infinite to get some campaign co-op might not have to wait much longer. 343 Industries announced its going to test out online Halo Infinite campaign co-op in July.

The test flight will be for Halo insiders, 343’s program for experimenting and getting feedback on Halo games. These public flights offer a chance to test things out, stress them a bit, and provide some feedback to the team.

If you’re hoping to get some network co-op in, you’re able to sign up for the program here on the Halo Waypoint.

Keep in mind, this is just the insider test that’s rolling out in July. 343 Industries is still targeting later this year for the official launch of campaign co-op. And note that that’s network campaign co-op, too, so no split-screen just yet.

Carrying on the fight

Campaign co-op has been an elusive addition for Halo Infinite. First it slipped the launch window, then was pushed into 2022, and now it seems to be aiming for an August launch.

The Forge, Halo‘s extensive custom map and content creation tool, has also been pushed back a few times as well. At least with test flighting on the way for co-op, odds seem good that 343 Industries is closing in on a launch.

That might help 343 set a better tone for Halo Infinite moving forward too. The post-launch rollout has had some bumps, with the team acknowledging a “bumpy start” to Halo Infinite Season 2 last month.

Campaign co-op and the Halo series are synonymous for me, so it’s safe to say that the full launch of online campaign co-op would definitely get me to boot Infinite back up. The latest Halo has been something I enjoy going back to every couple of months for a few quick matches of Team Slayer and Big Team Battle, but I’d love to see 343 finally roll out the heavy hitters it’s been working on.

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