Halo Infinite will get Forge beta in November, but scraps split-screen campaign co-op

Halo Infinite split-screen co-op dropped

343 Industries is shifting the roadmap for Halo Infinite ahead

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has released a new roadmap update today, outlining the roadmap ahead for the latest Halo. While features like Forge are coming into focus, others are falling behind.

The next major update for Halo Infinite will arrive on November 8. Dubbed the Winter Update, this will include the campaign network co-op and mission replay previously targeted for late August. It will also include a beta version of the Forge, Halo‘s map creation tool.

The Winter Update will also include a shorter, 30-tier Battle Pass and two new maps, Detachment and Argyle. A new beta for Match XP will roll out, the Covert One Flag mode will be added, and events will be hosted in December and January. This season will run through March 7, which is when Season 3 will debut.

In today’s Dev Update video, 343 head of creative Joseph Staten and head of Halo Infinite live service Sean Baron discuss the plans ahead for the FPS. And as the team focuses on other areas, one aspect is being taken off the table. While network campaign co-op is set to arrive in November, 343 has decided to not ship split-screen campaign co-op for Infinite.

Infinite horizon

Season 3, meant to arrive on March 7, will include a full 100-tier Battle Pass, a new weapon and equipment, and new maps for Arena and Big Team Battle. In-game reporting, VIP and Escalation modes, a custom game browser, and a new narrative event are all set for that season as well.

Campaign co-op has been an elusive addition for Halo Infinite. The feature has been delayed several times over, as has Forge. And while the networked version will finally be arriving soon, seeing the split-screen version get cut is a bummer. It’s how, I’m sure, many folks first played co-op Halo. But hopefully the shift in resources helps Halo Infinite get on a better release track overall.

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