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Here are the Halo Infinite campaign rewards that transfer to multiplayer

You unlock Halo Infinite campaign rewards on the world map

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So Halo Infinite‘s campaign is here today, and one semi-secret bonus is that you can unlock content for multiplayer through the story mode. Halo Infinite campaign rewards are on the menu.

Don’t get too excited! The rewards have already been listed in the game and collated by Redditor NaniDaNani, and they consist of stances and armor colors: many of which are drab or gray.

You’ll find these unlocks on the world map as pickups. They’re easy enough to acquire, and show up fairly obviously with their own icons. You just need to clear out FOBs (forward operating bases) as you progress, and you’ll see them highlighted on the map.

Your mileage may vary in terms of how exciting these are. To me, it’s kind of a zero-sum game. I didn’t expect the campaign to provide multiplayer rewards in the slightest: I just wanted a fun and action-packed experience, which I got. A few of these are neat and will be fun to swap into in multiplayer every so often, and I’m sure a lot of multiplayer-only fans will be relieved to find out that these aren’t essential.

In any case, you can check them all out in the gallery below and plan your move. See if that little map icon is worth locking onto and picking up!

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