Halo 2: Anniversary releases May 12 for PC

‘Earth will never be the same’

After a recent round of player testing, Halo 2: Anniversary Edition has a PC release date. The legendary sequel is joining Halo: The Master Chief Collection on May 12, 2020, for Steam and Windows 10.

Along with the short but sweet announcement message on Twitter this morning, 343 Industries also shared a screenshot today that might cause long-forgotten memories to flood your mind. That’s how it hit me, anyway. Halo 2: Anniversary looks like how I remember the game looking in 2004.

Halo 2: Anniversary PC screenshot

It’s easy to forget now since I’ve dropped off the series, but I’ve played a lot of Halo over the years, and none of the games stuck with me quite like Halo 2. Right place, right time, right mindset. The stars aligned. My friends were Too Good at Halo 1 for me to put up a fight – I was outclassed pretty much every single weekend – but Halo 2? I got in early, and I stood a chance. I adored that multiplayer.

If you already bought into the remastered collection, you’re all squared away – you’ll continue getting more Halo titles as they’re finalized for PC one by one. If you’ve been biding your time, Halo: The MCC is forty bucks on Steam and the Microsoft Store, and it’s also available through Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Assuming the pricing trend continues like before, you should also be able to buy Halo 2: Anniversary as a standalone game on Steam for $9.99 if you prefer. That’s how it was for Halo: CE and Halo: Reach.

High frame rate, 4K, and ultrawide support with FOV options should be a dream.

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