Half that glitters: 56% of Xbox Live members are Gold

Suckers! Kidding: I pay for it, too. I don’t necessarily like it, but what can you do. I’d love to think that part of that $59.99 I drop a couple times a month goes to the servers, upkeep, and other services that they say our Gold fee is going toward. But I guess not. 

Regardless, a Microsoft internal document that CVG got ahold of says that 56% of worldwide Xbox Live members are Gold. These numbers aren’t current enough to figure in the post-New Xbox Experience users, but we’re guessing that this rate is just as good if not better by now. It seems that the US has the highest rate, holding steady at 60%.

Back to my mini-rant. I’d like my $8 (or less with a yearly buy) a month to pay for a better, more consistent service. I think they’re getting there, but some older games seem to fail more often online. Why is that? Street Fighter IV works great, though!

And PS3 fanboys, don’t you start in. The service may be free, and it does get better by the day, but there are still things that lack that you’d imagine would be better if they had the income to put toward it. And paying for things like Qore–things that should be free–sucks even worse than a monthly online fee. 

Dale North