Hades finally has a merch range, courtesy of Fangamer

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But where’s muh gurl Tisiphone?

[Update: Fangamer added Hades merch to its online store today, including pins, posters, and prints. The adorable Cerberus and Dusa plushes are $32 each, while the three-print Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium set is a whopping $179.]

Supergiant’s fantastic action-RPG Hades is custom designed for merchandise, thanks to its attractive visuals, cool aesthetic style, strong colors, and varied cast of memorable characters. Bafflingly, however, Hades gear has been incredibly hard to come by, with nary an art book or pair of Zubaz pants in sight.

Enter merch-makers Fangamer, who has finally decided, two years after release, to bless fans of Zagreus and his Hades brethren with a fun line of items styled after the game’s underworld denizens. While the full line is yet to be revealed, a teaser image appears to include long and short-sleeved shirts, art prints, and a badge set featuring Nyx, Thanatos, Megaera, and, of course, Zagreus himself. No Artemis or Tis, but it’s fine.

Perhaps best of all, the image features plush dolls of two of The House of Hades’ most important employees: three-headed, bone-munching Good Boy Cerberus, and the lovely, hardworking, and ever-fangirling housemaid, Dusa. Better still, the Dusa plush talks! Yes, I will be purchasing both of them.

Hopefully, the full range will include further shirt designs and/or other cool gubbins, but I’m still stunned by the possibility that Hades is yet to receive a lavish, hardcover art book — which seems an absolute given for such a striking-looking release. Regardless, the fun-looking Hades range is set to launch on the Fangamer site on Tuesday, July 26.

For my wallet, There is No Escape.

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