Hades 2 will return to hell in Early Access in Q2 2024

The return to Hell begins in 2024.

Hades 2 Early Access Q2 2024

Supergiant Games released a development update for Hades 2 today, shedding some light on the roguelike action RPG’s Early Access release plans. The sequel to Hades will launch in Early Access in Q2 of 2024 on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. The team went on to clarify that the exact date, pricing, and system requirements will be revealed later. Prior to the Early Access release, there will also be a limited technical test for a handful of players. This test will serve as a way to solve technical and compatibility issues before Early Access.

Early Access worked wonders for the original Hades

The original Hades also followed this Early Access schedule. The Early access period lasted almost two years, and really helped shape and polish Hades ahead of launch.

Similarly, Hades 2 will have several major updates that add content as EA progresses. The story will expand and add more characters with each update leading up to the v1.0 launch.

Hades is roguelike done right, and I’m excited to see what Hades 2 will expand on. I’m typically not a fan of the Early Access model but it seems like Supergiant Games utilizes it in all the right ways. Hades was great in EA, and even better when it was released fully. Hopefully, Hades 2 will follow the same route and end up better for it in the long run.

Hades 2 will enter Early Access in Q2 of 2024 on PC. No other platforms have yet to be confirmed, though Supergiant Games indicates in a FAQ on their website that they expect Hades 2 to eventually be available on consoles as well.

Update: Originally this post indicated Hades 2 will also be on all consoles. However, Supergiant Games has corrected us that no console platforms have been confirmed yet.

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