Hackers delight: new Wii Backup Loader swings wide the doors of piracy

I’m no so sure hackers need any encouragement, as they seem to continually find their way into fine products and mod them to their liking, but the Wii Backup Loader may actually make it possible even if your brain is pudding. Before I go any further I need to clarify that I do not support this, and you should pay for your games like a good little boy.

That being said, the word on the Wii Backup Loader is that it is a basic program that runs from the Wii Homebrew Channel and can directly load modded ISO’s from the DVD drive.Course, you can’t do it yourself untl you get your grubby hands on the new ISO loader and new ISO converter/modifier, but the means is there and it is easy, which will surely cause lots of illegal activity.

There was a story to accompany the video from the source (found at tehskeen Via Gizmodo), but the story seems to have vanished already. I know Nintendo already rolls in our money, but this is just a little too greasy for me to be cool with it. Of course, this is not to mention the vast number of people who this will be old news to — modded versions of the system are not exactly a rare commodity. Are you plotting a way to use the Backup Loader to your advantage as we speak, or is it a bit much for you too?

[Thanks, Adam]

Colette Bennett