Hackers are even picking on Modern Warfare Reflex Edition

Modern Warfare Reflex Edition, the Wii hand-me-down version of Activision’s popular Call of Duty title, shares at least one major issue with its bigger brothers — hackers have torn it to pieces. Yes, even the Wii version of Modern Warfare can’t find refuge from cheaters and glitchers, as the above video demonstrates.

If you get into a match that’s been violated by a cheeky fiddler, then your match will look a little like this — sheer, unadulterated chaos. With this being the Wii version, I doubt we can expect any patches to be forthcoming, so enjoy it. This is what Reflex is like. Silly hackers, is there no low to which you won’t stoop?

Hackers currently wreaking havoc in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare — Reflex Edition [GoNintendo]

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