Gundam Evolution is a free-to-play hero shooter going live on Steam this month

Gundam Evolution

Console users will have to wait for a while

Would-be Gundam pilots will get to show off their skills this month on PC. Gundam Evolution, a free-to-play team-based shooter is going live on Steam on September 21 for North America.

The new Gundam game takes a six-on-six, hero-based approach to the wide, wide expanse of the Gundam universe. It’s a little bit of Overwatch mixed in with mobile suits.

Gundam Evolution will feature mainstays from throughout the Gundam-verse, duking it out on the field of battle. Today’s trailer spotlights a melee-configured Zaku with some hefty axe swings, the Mahiroo from Turn A Gundam, and the titular Unicorn Gundam.

These, alongside classics from throughout the series, all have their own weapons and abilities they bring to the battlefield. Personally, I’m rooting for the Guntank. He may not be as shiny as something newer like the Barbatos, but darn it, the Guntank is cool.

Matches feature several objective-based modes, including Destruction, Domination, and Point Capture.

A new type of Gundam battle

The PC launch of Gundam Evolution is currently set for a global launch on September 22 in Japan, which puts it at 7 p.m. PDT on September 21 for North America.  The launch will also mark the start of Season One.

There will also be cosmetics to purchase, of course. So if you want to deck out your mobile suit to stand out from the crowd, feel free to do so. It worked for Char, after all.

While Steam players get in on the carnage right away, console players will have to wait. Currently, the team is planning to launch Gundam Evolution on December 1 in Japan, or 6 p.m. PST on November 30 in North America.

Once the end of November rolls around, Gundam Evolution will launch on both the current and previous generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

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