Gundam Evolution console beta sign-ups are open

Gundam Evolution console beta

Check out the team-based FPS starting June 23 with a PlayStation and Xbox network test

Gundam Evolution isn’t your everyday Gundam video game, and as someone who almost always lets them slide right past me, I’m actually pretty curious about it. Bandai Namco’s six-on-six team-based FPS seems like it’s taking cues from Overwatch, and if you find that intriguing, you may want to try the upcoming network test. Sign-ups are now open for the Gundam Evolution console beta, and the first registration window’s deadline is June 12.

This PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S network test will run from June 23 through June 28 in the United States and Canada, according to Bandai Namco, and there will be a lottery to determine who’s invited to play Gundam Evolution early. The results will go out on June 16, with “additional lotteries” planned for June. Lots of dates here, I know!

Any progress you make in the network test won’t carry forward to another test or to the game’s full release, which is slated for the wide-ranging “2022” window. That said, there are rewards: an exclusive Trial Operation stamp (for playing at least one Ranked match) and an exclusive skin (for reaching level 20 on the Season Pass). Here’s the latter:

Gundam Evolution network test exclusive reward
The reward for getting your Season Pass to Lv. 20 during the network test.

“The purpose of this test is to gather gameplay data and user feedback from each platform to iron out the game’s bugs when played on a large scale, and to test console-specific features such as aim assist and controller functions to improve game balance,” said executive producer Kazuya Maruyama. “However, please keep in mind that as mentioned in the previous Developer Blog by Ryota, balance adjustments and bug fixes addressed in the PC network test will not be reflected in the console test.”

The final version of Gundam Evolution will have in-game voice chat, but this build won’t.

A Gundam hero shooter, you say?

Taking a step back, what does this game look like in practice? Thankfully, there’s plenty of footage, as Bandai Namco already hosted a PC beta for Gundam Evolution. Here’s a trailer for the network test, showing off various Mobile Suits vying for control of map objectives.

And here’s some real-world Steam network test footage (and impressions) from YouTuber Enders, who says he hasn’t “had this much fun in three or four years.”

There are three modes so far: Point Capture (with an objective to capture within the time limit), Domination (with three potential areas to fight over, one at a time), and Destruction (with targets to arm and destroy, or defend). In other words, no team deathmatch.

Gundam Evolution looks fast, frantic, and surprisingly snappy. Anyone here play it yet?

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