Guitar Hero DS shuns stylus in favor of peripheral

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Yeah, the Nintendo DS ships with a stylus, but who needs it? Not Vicarious Visions, developer of the upcoming “why in the hell?” title, Guitar Hero DS.

Talking to GamesAreFun from the Austin Game Developers Conference, Vicarious Visions’ design manager Adrian Earle revealed that the stylus will not be used as the game’s primary input. Instead, they’re currently working on an peripheral that they claim we’ll “absolutely love.”

Earle also reveals that they’ll be maintaining the graphical style of the series, which points to the 3D look we’re used to. While he was tight lipped about any additional information, it’s likely the Guitar Hero DS hype train will start gaining momentum any day now.

So what do you think this mysterious peripheral could be? While it’s easy to speculate that it’s some sort of mini-guitar, it’s just as likely that the peripheral will simply be a guitar pick that you can use to strum on the touch screen. But provided Activision keeps Slash on as the face of the series, it could also be one of those mini airplane bottles of Jack Daniels. 

I’d pre-order that.

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