Guitar Hero 5 comfortably ahead of The Beatles: Rock Band

Get ready to be aggravated with consumers around the world because Activision is claiming that Guitar Hero 5 is comfortably outselling The Beatles: Rock Band. If you take a look at our reviews of each game one can clearly see that the better game is not the game that is selling the best. Plus, IT’S THE BEATLES! Now, GH5 did have the ever popular guitar/game package that The Beatles did not, and the series also has a larger install base (people still don’t seem to understand that you can use GH controllers for Rock Band, and vica versa), but that doesn’t excuse GH5 outselling The Beatles four to one in the U.S. and nine to one in other markets during launch week as Activision is saying it did. Hear that UK? We like the fab four more than you.

In some news that won’t make you shake your fist at the sky and shout “You damn kids don’t know what music is!”, “All You Need Is Love” has broken the record for the fastest selling Rock Band song ever. It took the Beatles classic only two days. No numbers were released on how quickly the 360 exclusive DLC actually sold, but Microsoft says that it has raised “tens of thousands of dollars” for Doctors Without Borders with at least $17,600 of that coming from the one-of-a-kind Beatles 360. If you haven’t yet helped the children of the world live fuller and healthier lives by downloading the song, don’t worry, the song’s proceeds will continue to be donated to Doctors Without Borders so you still have a chance to be a good person and entertain yourself at the same time.

So, to wrap these two stories together, here’s the plan: Go buy The Beatles: Rock Band and support a great game over a not as good game. Then, once you’ve got it, support a great cause by downloading “All You Need Is Love.”

Matthew Razak