Sin Kiske enters the Guilty Gear Strive arena in just a few days

Guilty Gear Strive Sin Kiske

Sin brings a flag and some meat to the party

A familiar face is returning to Guilty Gear with a fresh look. Sin Kiske is the next fighter to join the Guilty Gear Strive roster as part of its Season 2 pass, arriving on November 24.

Sin, the son of Guilty Gear mainstay Ky Kiske and Dizzy, shows up here as the “ever-growing wild boy.” He’s still wielding his flag weapon. And yes, he can still pull out a hunk of meat to chow down on, mid-match.

The younger Kiske also makes mention of his mom, lending more fuel to the fire that we might see Dizzy alongside Sin Kiske in Guilty Gear Strive. As for gameplay, IGN had a special presentation revealing the new trailer, as well as some gameplay demonstration of Sin Kiske and how he’s changed for Strive.

He’s got a special bar, a stamina bar, rather than his hunger meter. He seems to have some interesting potential in his follow-ups using this gauge, as well as a buff he can pick up from chowing down on some grub mid-fight.

The fight continues

At the end of the Sin trailer, we also get confirmation that two more fighters are due out in 2023 as part of Season 2. It looks like the content roadmap shown off earlier this year is holding up.

Crossplay is also hopefully getting officially integrated soon, as its held some beta tests already. Considering an Xbox release is set for next spring, that will be of interest to the new platform’s players.

As for the last remaining fighters? Well, Slayer seems to be a much-requested addition, and Dizzy getting mentioned in the trailer plants some speculation. I’ve really liked the original characters so far too, though, so I hope there’s at least one more newcomer in the pipeline for Strive.

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