Guilty Gear Strive crossplay open beta kicks off October 14

guilty gear strive crossplay beta date october

Rockin’ All Over the World

Sharpen your scythes, brighten your blades, and paint your toenails, as Arc System Works has announced a date for its crossplay open beta for stylish slapfest Guilty Gear Strive — The beta will take place on PlayStation and PC platforms, worldwide, on the weekend of October 14 to October 17.

During this time, players on PS4, PS5, and PC will be able to duke it out amongst themselves, will ArcSys gathers data, stress-tests servers, and attempts to identify and eradicate issues that arise from putting all GG Strive players into a single pool. This beta will give the developer all of the information it needs to progress its plans to roll out crossplay to Guilty Gear Strive proper at some point in the foreseeable future.

The beta will run within its own client, separate from the main GG Strive build, which will be available to download from October 13, ahead of the server’s opening times. The beta will be open to all, regardless as to whether you own Guilty Gear Strive or have a PlayStation Plus account. A full roster of 21 characters will be available, as will a wide variety of modes including Tutorial, Practice, Survival, various Online and CPU Vs. options, and even the very fun diorama builder, Figure Mode. No player data from the beta will be carried over into your main GG Strive account, so you wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts!

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms. It will launch on Xbox platforms in spring 2023. In related news, rollback netcode is coming to series’ predecessor Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2.

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