Guilty Gear Strive Bridget gets her own Pop Up Parade figurine

guilty gear bridget pop up parade figure

Hey Yo, (yo)

Guilty Gear Strive superstar Bridget is the latest beloved gaming character to join Good Smile Co’s “Pop Up Parade” range of affordable figurines. The yo-yo swinging scrapper is available to pre-order now at Good Smile Co. and other anime-lovin’ toy stores.

Produced by legendary merch-makers Max Factory, Pop Up Parade Bridget stands a little under seven inches in height and is rocking her modernized Guilty Gear Strive look — standing in a cute ‘n’ coy pose with her “Tricky Spinner” in hand. Like her Pop Up brethren, Bridget is a static figurine with zero points of articulation or any accompanying accessories, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t sporting some fine detail and great, vivid coloring.

bridget pop up parade figure

If you want to pick up a Bridget for your bookshelf, then you can pre-order her now from the official Good Smile Co. website or whichever anime/gaming merchandiser is your turf. Bridget retails for around ¥5,500, (roughly $40 USD), not including any shipping or potential customs charges. She is expected to come rolling into your world later this summer.

Since Bridget made her Guilty Gear return, our girl has become pretty popular on the merchandise market, with this adorable plush doll, also from Good Smile Co., and this devastatingly expensive replica of her iconic bullet yo-yo. Additionally, Bridget has featured highly in the realm of fan art projects, such as this cute PS1-style animation. She’s most certainly on her way to becoming one of the franchise’s most recognizable characters.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms. An Xbox port will arrive this spring.

Chris Moyse
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