Guilty Gear’s Bridget has an apocalyptic day out in cute fan animation

bridget day out caingcoy fan animation

Well, that escalated…

Do you know who has tons of fans? Me? Well, you’re very kind but no, I’m kinda lonely… Erm… Anyway, the answer I was looking for was Guilty Gear yo-yo spinner, Bridget, as demonstrated by the huge amount of fan art, cosplay, and other prjects dedicated to the young lassie online. Case in point: This wonderful fan animation, produced by the super-talented artist/animator Liz Caingcoy.

The 45-second short sees our gal making the most of a bright and sunny afternoon, taking to the streets with her yo-yo and plush companion, Roger, in tow. It’s a pretty delightful affair, and who could possibly expect things to get surprisingly… out of hand. The animation is masterfully created out of textured wireforms, which were designed and built within the software package Autodesk Maya. This gives the short its curious and highly recognizable “’90s PlayStation Cutscene” vibe.

If you take a look at some of Caingcoy’s tweets, you can see the Bridget model in its raw form, which spotlights the authentic textures applied to  Bridget in order to perfectly replicate her Guilty Gear Strive style. Be sure to check out some of Caingcoy’s animations over on her YouTube channel, and hey, if you’re a developer in need of an animator, it’s worth noting that she’s currently looking for work.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms.

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