Guess who’s getting sued again?

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Did you guess Nintendo?


It’s Microsoft! That’s right, Microsoft is being sued yet again for allegedly knowingly selling, and profiting off of, defective products. Up to bat is a fine gentleman from Oak Forest, Illinois, who had to pay $99 to get his Xbox fixed — this time, though, it seems the red ring is not to blame. Unfortunately, the plaintiff doesn’t know exactly what’s wrong with his system, because Microsoft refused to tell him.

The unnamed plaintiff is hoping for a class-action suit, along with monetary damages (of course) and for Microsoft to stop selling 360s until they fix their hardware issues.

I’m a little torn here, because on one hand, I think lawsuits like these are always a bit ridiculous (even though lawsuits like this are what keep my day job moving). On the other hand, Microsoft’s hardware track record has, quite frankly, been pretty ridiculous. I wouldn’t accuse Microsoft of purposefully making broken hardware, because I don’t think any major company would intentionally put out a defective product, but the failure rate of their consoles has been questionable. Whether it was simply a rush job, a lack of oversight, or something totally beyond their control I don’t know, but whatever it is, I feel like a total injuction against selling the system is no way to correct the problem. What do you guys think?

[Via GameSpot]

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