Guerrilla teamed up with ASOS for a Horizon: Forbidden West loungewear collection

The apocalypse never looked so stylish

If I know anything about gamers, it’s that we love to show our love of gaming to others, and what better way to do that than to wear your favorite game right on your clothing?  If you happen to love Horizon: Forbidden West in particular, you’re really in luck, because Guerrilla has teamed up with ASOS to create a brand new line of loungewear inspired by the game.  The various shirts, hoodies, and pants all feature bright prints with various iconography from Forbidden West, and they’re the perfect statement piece for the fashionable gamers out there.

There are five different looks in total, including an all-over printed hoodie and jogger set, a long-sleeved mesh top, an over-sized printed t-shirt, a crewneck hoodie, and a brown co-ord hoodie and jogger set.  All of the pieces are unisex, which means anybody can achieve the cool, oversized loungewear look.  My personal favorite is the crewneck hoodie, which features comic panels inspired by Horizon: Forbidden West.  The all-over prints are a bit busy for my taste, but I would for sure get cozy in that brown set any day of the week.

The pieces range from £26 for the shirts to £76 for the co-ord set, but overall I’d say that’s pretty affordable for this kind of product. I guess it is ASOS, after all.  Unfortunately, the Horizon x ASOS collab is only available to those in the EU, UK, Japan, and Asia regions, but for everyone else, I would put money down on people listing these on eBay (for a higher price, but still).  At the very least, it’s nice to look, and we can hope that they’ll ship to the US in the future.

You know what awesome gaming clothing store does ship out here, though?  Insert Coin Clothing.  They’ve been a staple for gaming clothing for years, and their stuff is always amazing quality.

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