Rumor: GTA 6 ‘leak’ includes development footage and plot details

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Vice, Vice, Baby

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A mysterious leak has surfaced online, claiming to showcase development footage, screenshots, and plot details pertaining to Rockstar Games’ upcoming sequel Grand Theft Auto 6 — the assets were uploaded to popular GTA 6 community GTA Forums overnight.

The videos, all of which have since been removed from YouTube, included footage of unfinished player characters and NPCs traversing a strip club, using an intercity metro train, and robbing a fast food restaurant, Pumpkin and Honey Bunny style. This footage (assuming that it’s legitimate) would validate earlier reports that the GTA 6 narrative will focus on “Bonnie and Clyde”-style dual protagonists.

In total, around 90 video clips (mostly only seconds long) were archived in the leak, with some builds dating back to 2019/2020, suggesting that this was very, very early footage, in no way close to being reflective of the eventual magnum opus.

All of the clips seemingly take place in Vice City, the locale of GTA‘s stellar 2002 iteration. Again, this has previously been reported as the setting for Grand Theft Auto 6. While none of the footage, screens, or details have been officially confirmed as legitimate (of course), it has to be said that if it is fake, then someone has gone to really ridiculous lengths in order to put it together… but then, they would, wouldn’t they?

Regardless of the leak’s authenticity, the fact remains that GTA 6 is still a long way from laying down skidmarks on your living room carpet. Frequent industry spoiler Tom Henderson has already stated previously that they do not expect Rockstar to release the sequel until late 2024 at the absolute earliest. Frankly, they have all the time in the world. Given that GTA V is not only the second-best-selling video game of all time, but is still raking in mucho dollarydoos thanks to its multiplayer element, GTA Online. GTA 6 is highly likely to see the same level of stupendous success whenever it shows its ski-masked face.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently in development at Rockstar Games.

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