Gross! Kinect tech in mobile phones and robots?

Gross? That’s exactly what I said when I saw the Reuters headline “How Kinect could turn smartphones into robots” earlier today. Reuters is doing troll stories now? No. This writer is serious.

According to EETimes, Microsoft’s purchase of gesture-recognition company Canesta could someday lead to a smaller Kinect-type product that fits into our phones. Canesta’s engine is said to outperform the PrimeSensor which Microsoft is currently licensing from PrimeSense for Kinect. Reuters says that Microsoft will be able to downsize the Kinect tech to about a square centimeter, which could give everything from your phone to robots Kinect-like abilities. 

The article goes on to mention some sci-fi crap about one day being able to dock your phone into your robot when you get home. Again, gross. But Kinect-like sensors in a phone could be fun. You could have it hang up on people you don’t want to talk to by simply flipping off your phone. 

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