Grogger flash game encourages Aussies to think when they drink

Australia is known for a lot of things. Kangaroos, Paul Hogan, and aboriginals are but a few examples. And then, there’s the cultural stereotype that Aussies love to get hammered. Well, who doesn’t, really?

The city council of Melbourne knows this and are coming up with new ways to encourage citizens to behave responsibly when they drink. Grogger is a cleverly executed Flash clone of the classic Frogger. Players must make it across the street to one of the safe methods of transportation home after a long night of getting sauced.

To spice up the gameplay, they’ve added a sobriety meter and bottles that you can pick up as you cross the street. Grabbing brown bottles will make you drunk, slowing your character’s reaction times and, occasionally, causing them to veer off in completely the wrong direction from what you’ve commanded. As expected, the more you drink, the harder it is to control yourself. Blue water bottles will help sober you up but, as I experienced, it seems even one beer is enough to get you killed crossing the street.

Hell, crossing the map in Grogger is hard enough when you’re drier than Bea Arthur at a fetish ball.  Still, as flash games go, it’s pretty decent. And, if it makes a few people think twice before becoming plastered and getting themselves or someone else killed, all the better.

[UPDATE: Oh, I guess you guys would appreciate a link to the game. You know, I give and I give and I give and it’s never enough…]

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