Grey Goo launch trailer shows who’s the most ruthless of them all

I said ‘Whose house?’ ‘Goo’s house!’

Mankind’s made an existence-long mission out of traveling to other planets and finding alien lifeforms. As this launch trailer for Grey Goo depicts, we might not necessarily like what we find.

The Petroglyph real-time strategy game launches this week, and that’s when we can finally take hold of humanity’s fight and conquer in the name of science. Or, you could control the Goo and wipe out anyone that dares challenge your stake to your home world. But, you should probably set up shop in man’s corner; looks like we could use all the help we can get.

Brett Makedonski
While you laughing, we're passing, passing away. So y'all go rest y'all souls, 'Cause I know I'ma meet you up at the crossroads. Y'all know y'all forever got love from them Bone Thugs baby...