Green Man Gaming kicks off 5th birthday sale with 2K titles & indie games

Bulkin’ up the backlog

Gaming retailer hits an anniversary? Time for a sale. That’s what’s happening at Green Man Gaming this week — the digital retailer is turning five this year. Prominent among the discounts are 2K titles up to 85% off instantly, plus there’s a 20% off coupon code out there dropping prices even further. Right now we’re seeing new lows on NBA 2K15 and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. (Previously BioShock Infinite was also on sale but that’s now kaput).

The sale is not limited to 2K titles. In fact, they’ve also got an excellent 28% instant discount on today’s release of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years matching the best pre-order discounts seen from authorized retailers. Log in or create an account on this page to see the price drop to $11.51 (Steam is $15.99).

Last notables in the sale are indie bundles priced only at 50 cents, netting you a handful of interesting titles for cheap (aka we haven’t played them or read squat about them but they sure look neato).

Most Deals Use Code: HAPPY5-THBIRT-HDAY20

2K Games on Sale

Other Games in Birthday Sale

Indie Bundles

  • 5th Birthday Pack 1 — $0.50  (list price $94)
    • Clickr
    • PID
    • Rabbit Hole 3D
    • Rooms: The Main Building
    • Time Gentlemen Please! and Ben There Dan That! Double Pack
    • A Valley Without Wind
    • Battlepaths
    • Ocean City Racing
    • Orborun
    • QuestRun
  • 5th Birthday Pack 2 — $0.50  (list price $94)
    • Battlepaths
    • Shattered Haven
    • Skara – Starter Pack
    • Steel Storm: Burning Retribution – Complete Edition
    • Tidalis
    • Tower Wars
    • Zack Zero
    • Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
    • Rush Bros.
    • Canyon Capers
  • 5th Birthday Pack 3 — $0.50  (list price $94)
    • Avencast: Rise of the Mage
    • Post Apocalyptic Mayhem
    • Rush Bros.
    • Canyon Capers
    • Cobi Treasure Deluxe
    • Numba Deluxe
    • PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate
    • POSTAL
    • Speedball 2 HD
    • Victim Of Xen