Grand theft auto suspect busted playing Grand Theft Auto

A 30-year-old man suspected of jacking an SUV was arrested at his home recently, and under the most ironic circumstances you could imagine. When police arrived at his home for stealing cars in real life, he was stealing cars in a videogame — playing Grand Theft Auto III. No further evidence required, methinks.

Michael Ray Ekes of Haines City, Florida, had left the stolen vehicle outside of his home, which, of course, led police to a fairly easy arrest. The suspect was found playing GTA III as police apprehended him for real-world grand theft auto. For reasons not made clear, Ekes was asked what he thought of the game. He replied, “It’s a blast.”

Sheriff Grady Judd offered a slice of personal advice by telling the world that “crime is not a game.” He also added that “Real-life crime has real-life consequences — and I hope he goes to prison for a good long while, where they don’t have Grand Theft Auto video games.”

Ekes is currently on bail after receiving two grand theft auto charges. He was also on probation for other offenses. It’s not yet clear if he’ll try and claim that GTA III made him do it. The audacity would be a sight to behold, though.

Grand Theft Auto Suspect Busted Playing… Go Ahead and Guess [GamePolitics]

Jim Sterling