Granblue Fantasy: Versus updated to 2.61, eternal Seox now ready for war

Let’s talk about Seox, baby

CyGames, alongside developer Arc System Works, has updated its super stylish anime fighter Granblue Fantasy: Versus to version 2.61, bringing with it a fresh run of general tweaks and fixes alongside the arrival of new DLC character, Seox, now available to purchase for around $7.

Seox, (or “Six”), promises to bring with him devastating otherworldly power and a frightening rushdown game. As one of The Eternals — celestial beings with might and magic beyond compare — Seox should be one of the universe’s wisest overseers. Unfortunately for the folk of Granblue Fantasy, Seox is woefully unstable, merely desiring even more strength, power, and supremacy — constantly reaching for a status above that of his fellow Eternals. What an idiot. A sexy idiot.

As exemplified in the above trailer, Seox moves with lightning speed and fluidity, smothering his opponent in an array of dash attacks, short hops, and air-based maneuvers, before getting his chop-chop on with razor-sharp gauntlets. If you like to end your rounds before they’ve barely begun, stealing huge swathes of your rival’s life bar before they can adjust, then Seox might just become your best buddy. Watch out though, he’ll probably stab you in the back as soon as look at you.

As with all paid DLC characters, Seox brings with him a custom lobby avatar and Star Character icon, as well as his own RPG Mode chapters. In addition, two new stages have been added to Granblue Fantasy: Versus in the form of Celestial View and The Abyss. For full notes on bug fixes and other tweaks pertaining to Version 2.61, check out the official patch notes over on the Granblue Fantasy: Versus website.

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