Anila and her Divine Sheep headed to Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising

granblue fantasy: versus rising anila dlc update

Baaaaaaad to the Bone

Publisher CyGames and developer Arc System Works have released several updates pertaining to Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising, the expanded edition of the studios’ gorgeous anime fighter, initially launched on PlayStation and PC back in the winter of 2020.

Perhaps first and foremost, we received a super cute teaser trailer for a brand-new DLC character, Anila. The… erm… “buxom” lass is an all-round fighter, who will combine rushdown and zoning-based fighting methods — afforded vast reach thanks to her trusty polearm while being aided and abetted by her flock of Divine Sheep. Quite honestly, I think this a wonderful idea for a fighting game character. You think you’ve seen everything, and then ArcSys is just like “I dunno… Magic Sexy Shepherd?”

Say hi to Anila in the teaser trailer below. She is expected to join the vanilla GBFV roster in March.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising will feature a slew of new mechanics in order to refresh the cult fighter’s gameplay. While the core gameplay will remain the same, two all-new mechanics are hoping to bring new dynamism and excitement to the fantasy fights. New “Dash Attacks” will allow players to close the gap with a quick poke, a sneaky low strike, or a combo-starting heavy, allowing for opponent openings in the blink of an eye.

The second mechanic, “Triple Attack”, is essentially an auto-combo that can transition to a low or an overhead mixup on the third hit. The opponent will be required to recognize the animation, or simply predict correctly, in order to defend against the fast combo. If they react correctly, however, there is a reversal opportunity, so be sure not to become too readable.

granblue fantasy versus rising beta

Finally, CyGames announced that it will hold a special open beta tournament over the course of EVO 2023, giving the public the opportunity to check out Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising ahead of its launch, complete with the new mechanics and balance changes. More details will be announced closer to the beta’s launch, but we can assume that it will take place in early August, alongside EVO 2023 itself.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising launches later this year on PlayStation and PC platforms.

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