Gran Turismo 5 to grace ‘as many platforms as possible’

Our magical release date prediction ball broke last week during a furious session of ping-pong at the office, so we can’t spill the beans on when Gran Turismo 5 will finally grace store shelves. However, thanks to SCEA’s director of hardware marketing, we’re pretty sure — without magic — that the upcoming iteration of the venerable racing franchise could be coming to non-Sony platforms.

“[Polyphony Digital] report directly into our CEO, Kaz Hirai, so it’s a little bit of a ‘wait and see’,” Koller reiterated to VG247 at GDC. “But we look for that franchise to continue on as many platforms as possible.”

Earlier at GDC, Koller was less vague about it. “Ultimately, they are a developer who makes a lot of their own decisions,” he told VG247. “But we are looking at GT5 across all platforms, just to see what makes the most sense.”

Well, that’s interesting. Now only the only question is when. Oh, right, we’ve been wondering that for a while.

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