Gotham Knights adds a new 15-floor Heroic Assault raid in latest update

Gotham Knights The Kelvin Incident Heroic Assault

It’s about to get chilly

The Bat-Family has a new outing scheduled. A new Heroic Assault dubbed “The Kelvin Incident” is being added to Gotham Knights today, adding a 15-floor raid for endgame Knights.

The Kelvin Incident is a new Heroic Assault, which is WB Games Montreal’s label for four-player co-op raids. Separate from the main story campaign, this standalone mode lets up to four players join up in online c-op and run through floors of challenges, eventually taking on big Bat-villains.

Taking on The Kelvin Incident will require you to make a dent in the Gotham Knights campaign, however. For normal game players, you’ll need to complete the Villain Crimes and unlock Heroic Assault. Those on New Game Plus will have the incident unlocked, so long as Heroic Assault is unlocked; you’ll be able to access The Kelvin Incident through Quick Match or the “Launch Heroic Assault” option.

Today’s patch notes also include some other sizeable additions. Mythic gear, a new tier of stronger gear that only drops in the raid, is being added to the loot list. New materials will also drop from the raid, too.

A new suit transmog and four new Batcycle tansmogs can also be unlocked, and there are some stronger enemies to tackle as well. On the Accessibility side, English text-to-speech options will support built-in screen readers for all text and some menus, and screen reader support has been improved in areas where it already existed. Plus, controller remapping has been implemented, and buttons that previously had to be held down can now be set as a toggle.

Reforming the Bat-family

This is a neat free update to see, as part of Gotham Knights‘ post-launch roll-out. The Bat-family co-op brawler didn’t launch on a high note, and we’ve already seen one other co-op costumed brawler shutter its doors this year.

Now, with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League moved into next year, maybe some more Gotham Knights can fill the virtual void in DC fans’ hearts. Or at least give Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl more baddies to beat up. The Kelvin Incident Heroic Assault is live now.

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