Doodle Champion Island Games is a fun JRPG mini-game adventure

The table tennis mini-game in Doodle Champion Island Games

This Google Doodle from Studio 4°C is worth playing even if you don’t care about the Olympics

Every once in a while, there’s a new Google Doodle worth chatting up on our humble video game blog, and today’s, the Olympics-inspired Doodle Champion Island Games from Studio 4°C, definitely fits the bill. It’s a JRPG romp, complete with an overworld, side-quests, and seven surprisingly fun mini-games to clear in whatever order you see fit.

There’s artistic swimming, archery, climbing, table tennis, rugby, a marathon, and skateboarding, and I honestly enjoyed them all. I only intended to dip my toes in — enough to share a few thoughts with this article — but I ended up doing, well, everything. The Doodle is playable on PC and mobile with keyboard, gamepad, and touch controls.

At the start, you’ll pick a team to represent (I went red), and then you’re free to explore.

The four team captains in Doodle Champion Island Games

This frog NPC was too cute not to share:

A frog NPC in Doodle Champion Island Games

There’s a full-on animation whenever you win a scroll:

The owl handing a scroll to Lucky the cat

And here’s a sample of some of the mini-games:

Artistic swimming is a rhythm game

You've got to dodge crabs to build up speed in the marathon

Skateboarding is a timed trial with nose grabs and kick flips

My favorite part? (Aside from the lovingly crafted animated sequences that hype up and cap off each game.) When you finish Doodle Champion Island Games, the overworld gets a small but effective stylistic change, just like some of the classics RPGs it’s inspired by.

All told, I spent about half an hour; you can save a bit of time by rolling your way across the map. The only activity I struggled with was the marathon, which requires fast reflexes and some luck. When I finally did pull out the win, it was a split-second victory. Fun stuff.

Like other Google Doodles, you don’t actually have to show up today to play it — it’ll be archived. Google also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the game’s production.

One last tip: if you click the compass icon (in the top-left corner), there’s options including customizable controls, a leaderboard, and the ability to fast-travel to the different activities should you want to replay them. You can start a fresh save file here, too.

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