Good Old Games giving out Tex Murphy 1+2 for free

Courtesy of WorldPlay and Good Old Games, you’re getting Tex Murphy 1+2 — that’s Mean Streets and Martian Memorandum — as a freebie for the holidays. You simply need to have a registered account to take this generous offer up, which ain’t no thing.

This promotion lasts until December 24, in case you wondering. While you’re stopping by for the free adventure games, you might as well add Beneath a Steel Sky to your download queue as well — it’s still free!

Since I’m relatively (re: completely) unfamiliar with the Tex Murphy series, I wanted to mess around with these two titles before writing up this post. Mean Streets is a little too, uh, “aged” for my liking, but Martian Memorandum seemed perfectly playable in this day and age.

I need to keep playing so I can see what the deal is with that cyclops guy.

Jordan Devore
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