GOG will soon let you buy games from other storefronts like Epic

One-stop shop

Perpetually frustrated by Epic’s strategy of securing a bunch of high-profile exclusives? Over the fact that the Epic Games Store still doesn’t have a shopping cart? There’s something of a workaround in the pipeline.

GOG has revealed that it’s revamping its store so that people can purchase games from other storefronts through GOG:

There’s no comprehensive information about all the stores that will be included, but GOG explicitly mentions Epic as a partner. The test phase will have access to buying “a selection of hand-picked Epic Games Store exclusive titles.” It’s easy to imagine other distributors like Humble getting on board. Steam’s the big obvious question mark.

GOG is making a push to be seen as the one-stop shop for buying PC games. It’s a savvy move to keep players on its platform while also likely getting an affiliate revenue cut from sales through other stores. Maybe, just maybe, the integration will make the other stores more palatable by cutting everything out of the equation except for the games they sell.

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