GOG has one free game and lots of cheap games right now

Go get yourself Dungeons 2

Video game playing: It can be free sometimes! (Disregarding the cost to own the equipment to run the games, the mostly-nominal uptick in your electricity bill, the opportunity cost of not doing something where you could’ve made a lot of money like inventing an app or franchising a TGI Friday’s, and any emotional toll from net negative experiences outweighing net positive experiences.)

Hell yeah, everyone loves free video games! GOG has another freebie as a complement to its currently-running Chinese New Year Sale. Anyone with a GOG account and the willingness to click like one button can nab 2015 strategy game Dungeons 2 at no charge. It’s available for the next 46-ish hours.

Anyone with the willingness to spend a little coin might be interested in the 500-some titles that are discounted. Remember: Everything GOG is DRM-free. The event runs until February 20 at 3pm Pacific. Head here to nab Dungeons 2 and/or to check out the sale. It’s the year of the dog so everything’s gonna be a-okay, friends.

Chinese New Year Sale [GOG]

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