GOG expanding catalogue with 25 EA classics, 3 out today

Good Old Games is adding 25 classic EA games over the next few months, and some of them have been released today. Not just any games either: Dungeon Keeper, Ultima Underworld I+II, and Wing Commander: Privateer — each for $5.99.

The next three upcoming titles are Crusader: No Remorse, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and Magic Carpet. Sadly, the System Shock and Syndicate series were not part of the EA/GOG deal and have been ruled out as prospective new GOG titles “at this time.”

After the next three games are released, GOG.com will also “take a break” until later in the Summer. While we’re talking about GOG, all the Broken Sword games are 30% off until Friday and you can grab the trilogy for 50% at $8.97. Problem, wallet?

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