GOG admits site closure was a hoax (and f*ck you too!)

Good Old Games has officially revealed that its site “closure” was just a big hoax to promote the launch of a new website. Having taken its site down since Sunday and blocking customers from accessing any games they might have just purchased, GOG has effectively said “f*ck you” to its users just for attention. 

For what it’s worth, the new GOG will still feature DRM-free games and no download client. It had not been bought out, and seems to still be its own boss, so no actual structural changes have been had. More games and a better login process have all been promised.

I’d just started using GOG, but now I believe I’ll need to think long and hard about continuing to do so. Sorry, but that’s NOT how you promote a site relaunch. Pretending you’re going under, blocking off your customers, and basically giving your current users the finger isn’t the way you generate excitement for your site.

[Update: GOG has updated its site with an apology for the hoax and a countdown. In my easily manipulated heart, I have already forgiven them, but I am still going to be angry with them for a bit and send them to bed with no supper]

Jim Sterling