Gods Will Fall is about killing gods… but you probably already got that from the title

Thanks, Captain Obvious

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I like a good on-the-nose title. No one reads the name Home Alone and wonders “Gee, think there are other people in the house?” No one goes into Airplane! wondering where the movie takes place.

That’s why I don’t feel too bad telling you that gods will fall in Gods Will Fall. This is an action adventure game from indie developer Clever Beans and published by Deep Silver. Here’s the gist: The gods are real dicks and you and your Celtic friends are sick of them ruining your lives. So, you kill them.

Apart from assured deity death, we know that Gods Will Fall has eight different classes so it’s something of a role-playing game. Also, the game’s site lists five Celtic gods: Belenos, Morrigan, Osseus, Krannus, and Ogmios. Dead gods walking.

It’s unclear if there’s a multiplayer and/or online component, though. Actually, the trailer that’s embedded above pretty much tells us everything we know so far. The remaining questions will be wrapped up in relatively short order. Gods Will Fall launches in two months’ time on January 29, 2021 on PC, PS4, Stadia, Switch, and Xbox One.

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