God of War Ragnarok: How to earn & farm Hacksilver

God of War Ragnarok How to earn & farm Hacksilver

Think of Hacksilver like cash

A lot of core mechanics and concepts are ported over from 2018’s God of War into Ragnarok: and that includes the main currency of Hacksilver.

It can be found basically anywhere, and you’ll acquire a ton during the normal course of the story. Here’s a few ways to get some extra cash.

Look above and below, and smash everything

Standard NES and beyond retro game rules apply: smash everything. In God of War: Ragnarok, you can randomly earn cash through environmental objects, including ones on the ground and hanging on a chain in the air.

You’ll also find a lot of Hacksilver in chests. If you find yourself wanting to farm Hacksilver, go to an area you haven’t been in a while and take a new path to a sidequest. Along the way (you guessed it), smash everything you can, and look up at the sky. New chests will also give you huge boosts of Hacksilver.

If you don’t need cash on the regular, you can skip a lot of off-the-beaten path chests. If you’re constantly running out, make sure you look carefully for a side path to take every time you see an obvious secret chest far off in the distance. Likewise, you don’t need to buy new gear and spend Hacksilver on it. You can just upgrade old gear, or find new stuff throughout the course of the game for free. Only buy gear if you feel like Kratos is having a really tough time taking on enemies and you’re dying easily.

Bumping up your luck stat is another quick path to cash (the official description is “gain more rewards”), especially if you’re finding the game on the easy side with buffed-up stats in other categories.

Sell items you don’t need

Equipment can be sold if you’re in dire need of cash, but think of it like a last resort. Most items in God of War Ragnarok can be upgraded, which raises its item level in addition to bumping up stats or abilities.

When in doubt, you can go back to Sindri’s house (the central hub location on the map selection screen) to get to a dedicated smithy/shop. All smithy locations are essentially the same, and offer a way to purchase/upgrade/sell equipment.

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