God of War Collection trailer is a reminder of awesome

There’s not much to say about the God of War Collection that hasn’t already been said about the two games — God of War and God of War II — that will ship as part of this single Blu-ray Disc collection. The games are both amazing, and on a personal level, two of my favorite videogames ever. Yes, I’m a God of War fanboy — I admit it. 

So outside of the games themselves, here’s what you have to look forward to when the game ships this November. 2X anti-aliased graphics, Trophies, and 720p resolution, all at 60 frames per second. Basically, it’s the sexiest the original games have ever looked, and that’s saying a lot, since the original games looked pretty damned good on PlayStation 2 hardware. The bottom line is, if you loved the originals, you’ll love these. If you didn’t, fancy upgrades probably won’t change your mind. 

The game will also include that voucher for the God of War III demo that should be available before the year’s end, which basically makes this a must-have for God of War fans. Like me. Gimme now, Sony. (P.S. Nice new logo, Sony Santa Monica.)

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