Go on a road trip with your buds in a Final Fantasy XV supercar

Though it’s a two-seater, so…

Racing games often get associated with car commercials, but it’s more unusual for RPGs to get into the mix. But those madmen actually did it. And using Final Fantasy to boot!

“The Star of Lucis”, a one-of-a-kind, custom Audi R8 Supercar, is transitioning from the world of Final Fantasy XV into our much more mundane and depressing world thanks to Audi’s Japan branch. Gussied up in chrome filigree and fancy rims, the car was first seen being driven by various characters in the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV film. I remarked in my review of the movie that Kingsglaive‘s biggest success was in visualizing the game’s setting, creating “the kind of place where contemporary office buildings, cellphones, TVs, and copious product placement can stand comfortably alongside overdesigned costumes, massive Final Fantasy creatures, and elaborate magical spells and effects.”

Come next week, one lucky rich person will have the chance to purchase The Star of Lucis for a cool ¥50,000,015 (see the symbolic “15” in there?), or just under $468,000. For everyone else, there’s the absurd trailer below, this equally absurd website, the Kingsglaive film, and possibly Final Fantasy XV itself. For my money, it would’ve been much more impressive if Audi had created a copy of the Regalia, that awesome limo that Noctis and his pals actually drive around in the game, but I suppose this’ll have to do.

Audi Japan is selling one ‘Final Fantasy XV’ themed R8 [Engadget]

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