Glove skins come to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What’s next?

When I think of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (and, at this point, Valve more generally as well), I think of monetized items. You too? Well, here’s another! Valve has introduced cosmetic glove skins as well as Steam Group Lobbies, a way to group up and play with friends, in a recent update.

All told, there are 24 glove skins to acquire, and they’re available in Glove Cases as rarities. In other words, best of luck getting the one you want (much less any at all) without it being a hassle.

Similar to the paid, limited-use sprays, I think folks wanted this as a cosmetic option, just not implemented in this way. And for those players who don’t want glove skins at all and are hoping to ignore this stuff, the wait continues for more meaningful updates and events in CS:GO.

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