Giveaway: Take a MapleStory Pet Training Master Pet Package

300 keys, redeemed with ease

Giveaways are way better than contests: Redeem your key for a MapleStory Pet Training Master Pet Pack!

The folks over at MapleStory really seem to have taken a liking to us. They hooked us up with some sweet packs for early access for MS2, then some premium packs for the same game. And now they’re making sure Dtoid readers get all the best gear in the original MapleStory!

We have 300 keys for a Pet Training Master Pet Pack to give away. Come take one!

Last week, MapleStory launched the highly anticipated Black Mage story campaign content. For years players have been menaced by the game’s big bad, the Black Mage — now’s their chance to end his reign of terror once and for all. Take on his leading commander, Verus Hilla, as you complete the Journey of Destiny to clear the final area in Tenebris all leading up to a server-wide showdown with the Black Mage himself.

But you want to hear about free stuff, don’t you? Well, to celebrate this huge event, Nexon is giving away Pet Training Master Pet Packs. Your key will net you:

Mini Yeti (90-day duration)
Adopt this smart little Mini Yeti, and you’ll have a companion for three whole months! Feed your pet to improve your relationship and unlock special commands. This little pet has some skills! As you explore Maple World, it will help you by picking up items and mesos you find.

Prince Pepe (Permanent duration)
You can dress up, and your pet can too! Equip this item on your Mini Yeti pet, and it will look like Prince Pepe is staying close and riding along.

Pet Name Tag (90-day duration)
Use this item to give your Mini Yeti pet a special name of its own! Call its name before making an order, and your pet will respond much better to your command. Once a pet is named, the name is permanent.

Pet Snack (90-day duration)
One pet is nice, but soon you will want to give it a friend. When you have more than one pet, they can be hard to control! Use the Pet Snack to learn how to handle multiple pets at once. This item is needed to complete the Trainer’s Command quest by Trainer Bartos in Henesys Pet Park.

Auto HP Potion Skill (90-day duration)
Teach this skill to your pet, and it will be able to automatically heal you using HP potions when you’re hurting.

Auto Move Skill (90-day duration)
Teach this skill to your pet, and it will be able to move automatically to pick up more items and mesos around you.

Auto Buff Skill (90-day duration)
Teach this skill to your pet, and it will be able to use one chosen buff skill on you automatically.

Please note that this content is only available in non-Reboot worlds.

To get a key, all you have to do is use the widget below. Redemption instructions will be emailed along with your key. We have 300 keys to give out, and once they’re gone — they’re gone!

MapleStory is available to play for free.

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