Give Starfield a sharper look with this HD texture pack

From the maker of the Witcher 3 HD project.

Starfield: a close-up of two NPCs in high definition.

Okay, okay, now that Starfield has been out for a bit, we’ve had a chance to properly formulate an opinion on it. While it’s generally regarded as a fantastic game, it still has its faults and room for improvement, and one modder definitely felt it needed better visuals.

As spotted by DSO Gaming, Nexus Mods user Halk Hogan PL recently released their “HD Reworked Project” for Starfield. This is essentially a texture pack that gives the Bethesda RPG some graphical oomph. Using side-by-side comparisons, and a video, you can see the difference in visuals this mod makes.

The creator says that their project “aims to improve the graphics by reworking game assets to better quality preserving original art style and good performance.” They also released a similar HD texture pack for The Witcher 3, so this is definitely not their first rodeo.

When the Todd is away, the mods will play

If there was one thing that was certain in the run-up to Starfield‘s release, it was that modders would be out in force. Indeed, there was already a slew of custom content from the word “go.” We’ve seen DLSS options be added to the game, an attempt to inject a little Star Wars, and more.

Bethesda’s long-awaited space-faring title stands well on its own, but the community shows that the work is never done. Even being one of the most successful video game studios in the world, Halk Hogan PL felt that Starfield could stand to be better in terms of graphics.

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